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Icons of Erised is veelaoferised's icon journal. This is a closed community and only I post here but don't hesitate to friend me. I take pride in my graphics and love to share them. Icons and headers pertaining to Harry Potter, and various fandoms of mine, are posted here regularly. Check my interests listed below for an idea of the other things I create.

// Please read this post before taking any icons. I'd greatly appreciate it.
// Please friend this journal. I encourage it. You won't miss out on updates and a little promotion for me never hurts.
// I am not currently taking requests.
// I typically don't respond to comments, unless I see a need to. It's nothing personal.
// All of my past icon posts are located in the memories.
// If you are unsure how to put up headers or or anything of the sort please visit the following: howto, everything_lj, or LJ FAQ. Please come to me as a last resort; because, I promise your question has already been answered with far more detail than I could give. I'm not going to respond anyway especially when you demand for my overides. =D

// The program I use for all of my graphics is Macromedia Fireworks MX Version 6.0.
// Brushes courtesy disappearicons, freak_icons, teh_indy, inxsomniax, and purpose_icons.
// HP caps obtained from Impervius. All other images obtained from cap_it or googled.
// I'm listed at hp_awards. I would love for my icons to be nominated in icontests. Please be sure to make me aware so I can track them.
//Awards, mentions, and reviews can be found here.
//Approved member of magnifiqueicons.

// Credit icons_oferised or veelaoferised.
// Please comment. I like to know that others admire my work and where it's going.
// I pay for my bandwidth. Do not make me angry and hotlink!
// Do not steal, claim as your own, or any other nefarious thing.
// I do not post bases. My work is finished as I see it, and not for you to edit or customize.

Any problems and you will be banned.

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| killed_icons | limelight_icons |
| __scarcity | courtly_icons |
| admireicons | morsmordre__ |
| jetaime_icons | elixir_icons |
| 5signs | ickyblue |
| grrliz_icons | invisibleicons_ |
| disappearicons | ohpaintbrush |
| takentoken | amiableicons |
| __uninvisible |

if you're interested in affiliating, please comment here.
{i'm not an elitist icon bitch. i'll be glad to add you}

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